About me

A few things about me


My name is Dimitris Charalampidis and I was born in January 22, 1985 and raised in Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece.

Being a Math teacher had not always been my dream. I remember myself passing through different stages as I was growing up. From wanting to become a pilot, to a football player and then from zoo keeper to a circus artist.

I was about 15 years old when the idea to become a Math teacher got into my mind and since then it has not fade away.  
Following the Greek educational system I managed to get in the Mathematics department of the Aristotle university in my hometown Thessaloniki. The year was 2002. Right from the second semester I started providing private 1 on 1  lessons to students of different ages. In 2010 I was introduced to the International Baccalaureate system and since then I am constantly working with students attending it. 
It was such my passion for providing excellent services to my students that I decided to take it a step forward and share my notes to the rest of the world.  I started by uploading my written notes in Scribd and soon I found myself creating videos for my YouTube channel. The channel haraldim1 was born. Originally, it contained videos in my native language. The channel was embraced by many who brought it in a level of counting more than 6,500 subscribers and  1.5 million views. Feeling more confident, I started creating videos in English in an attempt to cover the needs of my international students as well. 
Meanwhile, from 2017 I started working in Pinewood, the American International school of Thessaloniki, delivering math lessons for Secondary and IB.
Being a person that constantly tries to  overcome himself I did not stop there. The next step was to start creating sets of exercises targeting not only at students but at 
fellow math teachers as well. The creation of my account at TeachersPayTeachers was a fact. 
And ... here we are. The creation of this site is more of an attempt to organize all my work  (notes, videos, exercises) and present it in a user friendly way.

Of course none of the above would be possible without the support and understanding of my wife and two children. They are the motivating factor behind any action I take for self improvement.

Hoping that this site will help you reach your academic goals

With appreciation