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Math on demand

Do you have topics that need to be covered?

Do you have unsolved questions but not enough time to book a

Use this service and I will prioritize the content you need to see.

I can offer it in PDF form, as a video or in both ways.

IA/CAS Councelling

Do you need help in understanding fully the criteria in the IA? Are you puzzled between engagement and reflection? Finding it hard to balance between experiences in your CAS portfolio?

Book a lesson and we will go through all these together.

Just to make clear!! I will not do them for you but I will surely teach you how to do them.

Register for group lessons. Book your place for the academic year 2022 - 2023

Lessons are held online

Small groups of students

Notes shared with each student after each lesson.

Tailor made materials to lead you in academic excellence and support you all the way through.

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