Theory Notes and Videos


Solving quadratic equations:     NOTES       VIDEO

Solving quadratic inequalities:   NOTES       VIDEO

Discriminant and number of rootsNOTES     VIDEO

Forms of quadratic functions:   NOTES   VIDEO

Straight Lines

Introduction to straight lines:   NOTES   VIDEO

Forms of a line's equation:   NOTES   VIDEO

Interpreting slope and y-intercept:  NOTES   VIDEO  EX

System of Linear Equations

Solving by elimination:   NOTES   VIDEO   EXER


General equation of a circle:   NOTES   VIDEO

Standard form of a circle:   NOTES   VIDEO

Finding a circle from its standard form:   NOTES   VIDEO

Triangles and Trigonometry

Special right triangles:   NOTES   VIDEO

Complex Numbers

Operations with complex numbers:   NOTES   VID   EXER